Teen found lifeless after returning from drinking spree with mom, male companion


A teenager was found dead by outside of her “dwelling quarters” less than 24 hours after she had been left with a male with whom she and her mother had been consuming alcohol at a shop.

The 16-year-old who hailed from Return, Baramita Village, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini) is said to have died at Coanna Backdam, Five Start, NWD.

Reports are that around noon on Saturday, the girl and her mother ventured to a shop to purchase alcohol and the two began to consume “Extra Mature Rum” mixed with water in the company of a male and his friends.

HGP Nightly News understands that three hours after, the teen and her mother were in an intoxicated state and purchased some rice along with a “Quarter bottle” of the rum, then left for their home in the company of the male in question.

The shop owner told the cops that the now dead female’s mother returned to his business place “sometime later” on Saturday and spent a while there.

On Sunday, around 07:30h, the body of the 16-year-old was discovered lying motionless behind the area where she and her mother had been living, and the matter was reported to the Matthew’s Ridge Police Station.

According to the police, the teenager was picked up and taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital where she was pronounced dead by a Doctor on duty.

Her body was transported to the Port Kaituma Hospital where it presently awaits a Post Mortem Examination (PME).

“Efforts were made to contact the male whom the victim and her mother left the shop but same was unsuccessful. Investigations are in progress,” a statement from the cops added.


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