Teen that alleged police brutality burned himself, Police say


At about 10:10hrs this morning, 17-year-old Jaheim Peters, called ‘Coolie-Boy’, a fisherman of Annandale, ECD was in Police custody for alleged Robbery under Arms.

Peters was in custody and alone in the the lockups.

Screams where heard coming from the lockups and when a rank made checks, he observed the jersey that Peters was wearing was on fire.

The EMT from Melanie Fire Station was summoned and Peters was treated. He was questioned and related to the police that he was given a lighter by another person who was in custody (on the bench), and he lit same and was playing with it and his jersey caught afire.

Peters was escorted to the GPHC where he is being treated for burnt injuries to his left side ribs area and hand area.

Statements were taken from persons who were at the station and witnessed when the incident occurred.

Two ranks at the said station were placed under close arrest. Also, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating the matter.

(Guyana Police Force)


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