Teenager allegedly stabbed twice after leaving home with cousin to do shopping


A 19-year-old chainsaw operator of Wauna, Mabaruma, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini) was allegedly stabbed at least two (2) times by another male on Saturday night.

The boy’s father, Cleveland Fredricks, told the police that his teenaged son had left their residence in the company of his cousin to “make a purchase.”

The older man stated that around 22:40h on the day in question, he heard a knock on the wall outside of his house and when he ventured to see what/who had made the noise, he saw his son clad in long, black pants without a shirt, and two (2) stab wounds to the boy’s chest.

According to a statement from the police the father told investigators that there was blood pouring from each wound.

“He then asked the victim what happened and the victim told him that (name provided) stabbed him. He was rushed to the Mabaruma Regional Hospital where he was seen and examined by Doctor Gomes who admitted him as a patient in a stable condition. A report was made at the Mabaruma Police Station.”

Investigations are in progress.


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