Teenager arrested after cops discover cocaine in hand


A 17-year-old male has landed himself in hot water after police ranks who were performing “foot patrol duties” found the youth holding 1.32 grammes of cocaine in one hand on Thursday night along the Parika Public Road, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

The discovery was made around 20:30h on the day in question.

According to a police statement, ranks observed the male standing “idly” alongside the gas station in the area where he was arrested.

“As a result, he was approached a search on his person was requested and done.

During the search, a quantity of rock-like whitish substance suspected to be cocaine was found in his right hand. He was then arrested and cautioned and he replied ‘Officer is Sasha give me it fuh hold.’”

On arrival at Parika Police Station, the substance was weighed in his presence and full view of his father and amounted to 1.32 grams. 

Investigations are in progress.


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