Teenager robbed of motorbike by gun-toting motorcycle bandits


A 17-year-old male was robbed of his black Haojue motorcycle (CK 6484) valued at $180,000 by two (2) men, one (1) of whom was armed with a “rusty gun” in the vicinity of Dennis Street, Campbellville, Georgetown on Sunday (yesterday).

HGP Nightly News understands that the armed robbery occurred around 11:50h when the teenager was riding his motorbike (CK 6484) in a Western direction along Dennis Street, in the company of his friend who had also been riding a motorcycle.

The two (2) males observed the two (2) perpetrators “trailing” them on a ‘black Jialing trip” (motorcycle).

According to a police statement, the youth and his friend stopped at a vulcanizing shop along the said street to detract the perpetrators, who subsequently stopped at the vulcanizing shop.

“One of the perpetrators walked up to the victim, took out a rusty hand gun from his left side pants waist, pointed it to him and demanded that he hand over the  said motorcycle or be shot. The said perpetrator then took the motorcycle and made good their escape north along Sheriff Street. Investigations are in progress.”


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