Teens steal cash from police rank in Lethem


Three teens, 15, 16, and 17 years have been taken into police in custody after reportedly stealing $90,800 from kenyatta Bishops, 36 a police sergeant on Tuesday.

Enquiries disclosed that on the day in question the sergeant had left home at around 15:00hrs with a black side bag containing $98,800 GYD in his motor car PPP #9131 and went to a mechanic shop at Tabatinga Lethem Central Rupununi, to do repairs on the vehicle which had a malfunctioning lock.

The rank had secured his vehicle with the said cash inside on the road in front of his friend’s residence while awaiting the arrival of a car part.

Later, when the  Sergeant went to his vehicle he discovered the bag with the cash missing and the driver’s front door not properly secured.

He immediately made a report to the Lethem Police Station.

Subsequently, the police contacted the suspects at Tabatinga where they were questioned. One of them admitted to stealing the bag containing the cash, and took the ranks to a spot located in the said village, and handed over the cash

They were all arrested and placed into custody at the Lethem Police Station


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