The Coalition slams PPP regime for rejecting food relief


In a statement by the coalition dated Friday, June 25, 2021, the APNU+AFC Coalition has highlighted a Trinidad Guardian article in today’s edition of the newspaper under the headline “Guyana not accepting T&T flood relief offer”.
The Trinidad Guardian article reported that that media house was quoting directly from a letter, dated June 18th, 2021, signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Hugh Todd and sent to the Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Minister Dr Amery Browne which stated that Mr Todd rejected Trinidad and Tobago’s offer of sending flood relief supplies.

The Coalition made it patently clear that the PPP regime, through their bungling Foreign Minister Hugh Todd, and clearly under the direction of President Ali and/or Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo rebuffed Dr Rowley’s Government’s offer of such flood relief supplies.

The statement further disclosed that President Ali underscored that the PPP regime has food relief supplies for the tens of thousands of flood victims “covered” which the coalition objected to by calling it a “blatant lie”.

Further, the coalition said that the PPP had become a regional laughing stock because of its pettiness, spitefulness, vindictiveness and gross ineptitude. In concluding, the coalition Opposition thanked Prime Minister Dr Rowley, his Government, and the people of Trinidad and Tobago for their kind and generous offer and assured them that the severely flood-affected people urgently need the same.


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