The history of Guyana is the history of the working class- Opposition Leader


The role of labour in the country’s national life and national aspirations is indispensable and on May 1 (today) the worth and dignity of workers throughout Guyana needs to be reaffirmed in the context of arguably, one of the most challenging economic times. 

This is according to Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon, who in a media release stated that with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the installation of an anti-working class administration, workers are facing difficult times.

“Numerous workers including our front line workers, our teachers, security personnel and so many more are on the bread line because they have been suspected of exercising their constitutional right to political choice and political organization in the land of their birth.  Added to this, it must be noted: workers in the private and public sector continue to work and toil under the aegis of Lords and Masters who lack the empathy which can ensure decent wages. Your plight, as bad as it is, is not permanent or written in stone.”

Harmon added that with earnest effort Guyana can “return to the 2015-2020 glory years for the working class” and that those in the working class must and should continue to be honoured and their contributions cherished.


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