Three Arrested After Police Patrol Find Narcotics


Three men sitting on a culvert at Zeelugt New Housing Scheme, Phase 3, East Bank Essequibo on Saturday were busted by police ranks in Region #3 with suspected cocaine.

According to police headquarters, a mobile patrol duty along with CPG members was about to pass three men when one of them was observed throwing a small transparent ziplock bag to the ground while another male also threw a bulky thousand dollar note to the ground.
The ranks exited the vehicle and retrieved the ziplock bag and the bulky thousand note in the presence of the men. Both parcels were then opened in their presence and a quantity of whitish rock-like substances was found which were suspected to be cocaine. They were told of the offense committed but they all denied any knowledge of the parcels.
The three men were all arrested and escorted to the Leonora Police Station along with the suspected cocaine where the ziplock bag contained eight pieces of the whitish rock-like substance that weighed four grams, while the contents of the thousand-dollar note were twenty-three pieces which weighed five grams.

Suspects remain in custody pending charges.


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