Three masked cutlass-wielding bandits storm into Whim home


-rob mom, 11-y-o daughter of gold jewellery, cellular phone

A 36-year-old woman and her 11-year-old daughter have been left traumatized after they were reportedly awoken from their beds by three masked cutlass-wielding bandits in the wee hours of Monday.

The robbery took place around 01:20h yesterday at their home located in the Whim village, Corentyne, Berbice.

Reports are that the armed trio entered the house by breaking a window and climbing through.

According to a police source, the suspects then proceeded to locate the woman and her young child and brandished their cutlasses as they demanded cash and jewellery.

Fearing for their lives, the woman complied, and the bandits managed to retrieve two (2) gold rings, one (1) pair of gold earrings and her cellular phone.

The men then allegedly rushed out the home, using the broken window to exit, as they made good their escape on foot.

An alarm was subsequently raised and police ranks were summoned but by then it was too late; the masked trio was long gone.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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