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Three Miles, New Amsterdam Secondary, and Tutorial High get steel pans

The Three Miles Secondary School in Region Seven, the New Amsterdam Secondary School in Region Six, and the Tutorial High School in Georgetown on Wednesday received new sets of steel pans to boost and enhance their music programmes.

The instruments were handed over at the Unit of Allied Arts located in the Queen’s College compound. Administrator (ag) of the Unit of Allied Arts, Kurt Braithwaite, said that each school would be receiving a pair of double second pans, a pair of double guitar pans, one set of triple cello guitar pans, one set of four bass pans and one set of six bass pans. 

He said that the schools could also expect a drum set to be handed over shortly to complement the pans. He added that the three sets of pans for the schools were procured at a total cost of $19.6 million. 

According to Braithwaite, the objective is to have steelpan music back in schools. He said that this initiative is fully supported by the Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand. 

Braithwaite noted that with the three new sets handed, there are now 34 secondary schools in the country equipped with steel pans. 

Additionally, he said that training was done with some teachers across the country in the area of music which encompassed other instruments. 

Deputy Chief Education Officer (Technical), Dr. Ritesh Tularam, said that the Ministry of Education is on the move to put programmes in place to produce rounded citizens. 

He said that with the guidance of the Education Minister, the Ministry is on the path to ensure students leave the school system knowing how to play a musical instrument, a sport, equipped with knowledge in a TVET subject, exposed to a foreign language and having an appreciation and spirit for volunteerism.

The set of steelpans that were handed over on Wednesday [Photo: Ministry of Education/January 25, 2023]

He noted that the intention is to ensure students are exposed to and understand the basics related to the subject areas. 

Further, he posited that the Unit of Allied Arts will be repurposed and will reimagine its position to align with the national agenda of Guyana. 

Dr. Tularam commended the staff of the Unit for making the instruments available to the schools. 

Dr. Tularam noted that Wednesday marked the beginning of expanding the services and functions of the Unit of Allied Arts to better serve Guyana and the education system.



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