• Vincent Police Baffled.

The police are investigating three murders that have brought the homicide count this year to 36. “Police can confirm that for the past 15 hours or so we have received reports of three murders,” Detective Station Sergeant Trevor Bailey told reporters in Kingstown Park, where Keon Lawrence was found dead near a riverbank. Residents of Kingstown Park which borders the capital said they heard explosions in the area late Saturday.

Bailey told reporters that Lawrence’s body has an injury to the face. In August, Lawrence survived a gun attack here, during which he received two gunshots to the chest and a broken arm. Late Saturday, homicide detectives responded to two calls, the first being in the interior agricultural district of Marriaqua, where the body of Lawrence Marks was found in Yambou around 7 p.m.

Three and half hours later, Damien Bloucher, 26, died after being attacked by two men in Glen. “It is reported that he was at the side of the road with other friends when he was attacked by two men. He was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, however on arrival he was pronounced dead. He had what appeared to be gunshot injuries about his body,” Bailey said. Asked if police are working with any theories, Bailey said the investigations were still in the early stages. He further said that police “can’t say at this moment” if they suspect any link between the killings. The detective urged citizens to resist violence.

The killings come just three weeks after a peace rally in Glen, where there have been several murders since June. It is widely speculated that some of the killings are related to drug deal gone sour, but national security officials have only said that this is a rumour they have also heard.
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