Three newly appointed APNU+AFC Commissioners meet with Opposition Leader


The three (3) persons nominated by the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (AFC) to serve as Commissioners of the Local Government Commission met with Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon, at his Office over the weekend.

The newly appointed Commissioners are Clement Corlette, Joan-Ann Romascindo and Nicola Trotman, who also met with the Office of the Opposition Leader’s Executive Director, Aubrey Norton, Leader of the AFC Khemraj Ramjattan, Member of Parliament (MP) Ganesh Mahipaul, Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, Deputy Mayor of Georgetown Alfred Mentore and Local Government and Electoral Expert, Vincent Alexander.

According to a press statement from the Office of the Opposition Leader, Harmon briefed the newly appointed Commissioners on a number of matters relating to local government and these matters were discussed at length in the “engaging and fruitful meeting.”


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