Toddler hit in North West accident


Police in the Region 1 district are currently investigating an accident in the North West District involving a 3-year-old toddler on Thursday afternoon.
Reports are that motorcyclist Cleveland Poliah was proceeding west along the centre of Hole Public Road Mathews Ridge at about 40-50kmph ascending a hill when it was alleged that the 20-year-old driver saw the pedestrian in the process of crossing the public road.
According to Poliah, upon seeing Gulanio Cunningham, he applied brakes however despite many efforts, he collided with the toddler.
As a result of the collision, the pedestrian fell onto the road surface where he received injuries to his head and body.

He was picked up in a conscious condition and taken to the Pakera District Hospital where he was seen and examined by a medical practitioner and admitted to the male surgical ward.

Notice of Intended Prosecution served on the driver of the motorcycle as investigations are in progress.


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