The traffic rank seen in amateur footage in a heated exchange with a driver has been relieved of his Christmas duties. Traffic Chief Linden Isles says that unprofessional ranks will be dealt with accordingly. Here are the details from Javone Vickerie in this report.

What was intended as a routine traffic stop, turn into a heated exchange between a driver and a traffic cop at the weekend. The short amateur video shows the traffic rank threatening the driver. It is still unclear as to what caused the incident, but action has already been taken.

That rank has since been relieved from his patrolling duties and placed behind a desk for the remainder of the Christmas policing posture. Nightly News was reliably informed that the rank, from the Brickdam police station, was cautioned about his unprofessional behavior. This newscast also ascertained that the rank will be dealt with departmentally. No formal investigation has been launched since the driver in the incident did not make a formal complaint to the police. In an interview with Traffic Chief Linden Isles, he expressed disappointment that despite training, ranks are still approaching the public in an unmannerly way.

Mr. Isles also affirmed that the cooperation from the public is most times needed, especially when stringent efforts are activated to prevent the occurrence of crime.


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