– Three others injured in mishap.


Tragedy struck at Issano in the Mazaruni District resulting in the death of a 36 year old miner of Westbury, Essequibo. The dead man has been identified as Rusco Deally who died as a result of a falling tree. It is reported that the area was experiencing heavy rainfall and strong winds consistently.

According to reports, Deally ventured out to purchase something from a nearby shop and on his return the tree fell pinning him beneath. Deally was reportedly trapped for sometime under the tree’s limb before being rescued.

According to persons in the area, the heavy rainfall has been accompanied by lightning and strong winds, which investigators are saying may have been responsible for the tree falling. He succumbed a few moments after being removed from under the tree. Three other men who were in the vicinity also suffered injuries which have now confined them to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation as patients.
Rusco Deally had left the Essequibo Coast to work in the Interior over a year ago.


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