After WHO deems Nigeria Ebola free.

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Trinidad and Tobago’s Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan, says Nigerians are once again free to visit Trinidad and Tobago with immediate effect. He made the announcement on Wednesday at a post-Cabinet press conference held at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital.

Khan also said that the Government has agreed to contribute US$100,000 to the United Nations Ebola Response Multi-Partner Trust Fund to fight the virus in the affected West African countries.

However, the October 9 ban prohibiting visitors from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, in an effort to prevent the virus from entering the country, remains in effect until similar results from Nigeria can be attained in those regions.

Cabinet’s decision to lift the ban, follows the World Health Organization’s declaration on Monday that Nigeria was now free of the Ebola virus. In the statement, Khan said “The honourable Prime Minister, as well as the Cabinet, has agreed that based on the information from the WHO and based on the stringent screening methods that have occurred in international countries, standard to embarkation and exit of passengers, the Cabinet has decided to lift the ban on the Federal Republic of Nigeria with immediate effect,”

WHO’s clearance came 42 days since Nigeria’s last reports of any new cases. Khan explained that period was twice the maximum incubation period for the virus to develop.

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