Tuschen man died from blow to the head with heavy instrument: PME


When 31-year-old Laurel Samaroo of Tuschen New Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) was found dead in a parked truck with a wound to his head over the weekend, the police said foul play was suspect.

Well, a post-mortem examination (PME) conducted on his body on Monday, may have confirmed this suspicion.

According to the PME, conducted by Dr. Nehaul Singh, Samaroo died as a result of “cerebral hemorrhage due to blunt trauma caused by a heavy instrument”.

In an earlier press release, police said it believed something happened to Sameroo – found dead on the Tuschen Public Road — between 21:00 hours on Friday and 03:00 hours on Saturday.

According to a news release, on Friday, at about 21:00 hours, Samaroo uplifted a fuel tanker from Parika, EBE and proceeded to his home at Tuschen, EBE.

At about 02:00 hours on Saturday, police said the truck was observed parked on the said public road by the owner, a businessman of Parika. The owner upon checking, opened the driver’s side door, where he observed the victim lying in the vehicle’s front seat and appeared to be sleeping.

He attempted to wake the man but that proved futile. The man immediately contacted the Leonora Police Station and the police were summoned to the scene.

On arrival, detectives examined the body for marks of violence and what appeared to be a wound to the right side of the victim’s head was seen.

Further checks were made around the area and a black haversack, wallet and keys belonging to the victim were found behind a stall in the market area.


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