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Two Brazilian nationals missing in Mazaruni River Mishap

Two Brazilian nationals are reported missing following a river mishap that occurred around 07:00 hrs on Sunday December 11 in the vicinity of ‘Looking Glass Falls’ in the Mazaruni River.

The only names given for the two missing Brazilian nationals are ‘Japow’ and ‘Bartolomeu’.

Enquiries revealed that on Sunday 11th December 2022, at about 16:20 hrs, 27-year-old Assardo Adrian Savory, a Boat Captain of Lot 31 Five Miles Bartica went to the Bartica Police Station in the company of 52-year-old Juarez De Morais, a Brazilian businessman of lot 3085 Providence, East Bank Demerara; 61-year-old Carlos Santos of Regent Street, Georgetown; and 21-year-old Dillon Perreira of 1421 Parika Village, East Bank Demerara.

Savory told Police that he was the captain of a boat which left from Bartica Stelling, Essequibo River on Sunday morning and was en route to Poppy Show, Mazaruni River. Savory said with him in the boat at the time were Juarez De Morais, Carlos Santos, Dillon Perreira and the now missing Brazilians — Japow’ and ‘Bartolomeu’.

He stated that whilst navigating the river in the vicinity of the Looking Glass Falls, the boat came in contact with a strong wave which caused the bow of the boat to break off. As a result, everyone were tossed overboard. After being flung overboard, the two missing persons were not seen again.

The captain (Savory) further told the police that he, Dellon Perreira, Juarez De Morais, and Carlos Santos swam to safety and were rescued some two hours later by a passing boat.

Efforts were made to locate the missing men but this has so far proven futile. The survivors received injuries to their bodies and were escorted to the Bartica Regional Hospital where they were all seen, examined, and later sent away.

The boat captain is presently in custody at the Bartica Police Station assisting with investigations.



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