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Two feared drowned in Cuyuni River boat mishap

Two men are feared drowned following a boat mishap at Kurutuku Village, Upper Cuyuni River, Region Seven on Tuesday.
The missing men have been identified as Kevin Musa, a 44-year-old miner of Pomeroon and ‘Alvin.’
The Police said that at about 18:20h, Musa and six of his co-workers, including Alvin, were consuming alcohol at Kurutuku Village when they stopped a metal boat which was powered by a 75 Yamaha HP engine and asked for a drop to their mining camp.
The boat, which was captained by Raul Jarvis and had two other occupants, was transporting drums of diesel from Devil Hole Landing to San Martin Landing.
About ten minutes into their journey, the captain navigated rapids when the boat struck a rock, causing it to sink.
As a result, the occupants jumped out of the boat and swam to shore, leaving Musa and Alvin on a rock in the middle of the Cuyuni River.
Alvin and Musa were heard shouting for a few minutes, then stopped. They are believed to have drowned.
An alarm was raised, and Police were notified. A search party was formed, which included Police and Army ranks and is currently ongoing.



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