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Two hospitalised with head injuries, five nursing wounds after speeding driver loses control of car

A female driver has now found herself in hot water after she allegedly tried to avoid hitting two cows with the motorcar (#PFF 9548) she had been driving but ended up losing control of the vehicle and landed in a trench where her seven (7) passengers sustained injuries.

The serious accident took place around 00:20h on Wednesday (today) at Edingburg Public Road, East Bank Berbice (EBB).

According to a police statement, the motorcar (#PFF 9548) was being driven by its owner, Sabitree Seecharan, of Glasgow Housing Scheme at the time of the accident.

The seven (7) occupants of that vehicle (#PFF 9548) have been identified as Jerreau Charles of Glasgow Housing  cheme, who had been seated in the front left passenger’s seat , Anthony Santus of Islington East Bank Berbice, Martin Sookie of Edingburg, EBB, Anil Lowe of New Glasgow Housing Scheme, Nichlos Richards of Edingburg EBB,  Felicia Reynolds of Brothers Village, EBB,  and  Shavina Davis of Edingburg, EBB  – all of whom were seated in the rear seat.

According to the cops, the motor car (#PFF 9548) was proceeding North along the Western driving lane along the Edingburg Public Road, at a fast rate of speed, when the driver  alleged that she saw two cows about 50 feet North of her car “walking across the road from East going West.”

She told investigators that upon noticing the two cows, she applied brakes and swerved West, and in so doing she lost control of the vehicle (#PFF 9548) which ended up in a trench that is situated on the Western side of the road.

“As a result, the driver and all the occupants received injuries about their bodies and the car was also damaged. They were all taken out of the vehicle in a conscious condition by public-spirited citizens and taken to New Amsterdam Public Hospital where they were seen and examined by the doctor on duty who treated and sent away the driver, while the  five male occupants were admitted for observation in the Accident and Emergency Department suffering from minor cuts and bruises about their bodies. The two female occupants were admitted in the female surgical ward suffering from head injuries and bruises about their bodies.”

Their conditions are regarded as stable.

A breathalyzer test conducted on the driver revealed no trace of alcohol in her system.

The cops noted that an “original notice of intended prosecution” was served on the driver, who was arrested, and is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.



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