Two Kaieteur News security charged with murder of man whose body was found on premises


Two security personnel attached to the Kaieteur Newspaper have been charged with the death of 58-year-old Mohabir Singh, whose body was found on Tuesday, under a shed on the Kaieteur News premises on Saffon Street, La Penitence.

Singh, who had no fixed place of abode, was discovered lifeless by a staffer of the said entity.

According to a police statement tonight, initial investigations led to the arrest of the two security persons as detectives pursued “the murder angle.”

“Today a Post Mortem Examination (PME) with dissection was performed on the body in the presence of police by Dr. Nehaul Singh who gave the cause of death as brain hemorrhage due to blunt trauma to the head. His body has been handed over to relatives for cremation. Moments ago the police have formally charged the two suspects with the capital offence.”

They will be processed for court on Monday.


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