Two motorcyclists battling for lives following ECD accident


A driver has now found himself in hot water after allegedly fleeing from an accident which involved his vehicle and two motorcyclists who are both seriously injured and presently hospitalised .

he serious accident occurred around 18:30h yesterday along the Triumph Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara (ECD) roadway involving motor car (PHH 3116), motorcycle (CJ 4694) which was being operated by its 43-year-old owner at the time of the accident and motorcycle (CG 9857) that was being ridden by its 19-year-old owner.

Reports are by another car driver who had been trailing behind Motor Cycle (CJ 4694) was that they were proceeding East along the Northern side of Triumph Railway Embankment when motor car (PHH 3116) which was proceeding West along the Southern side of the said road, suddenly turned north across the road towards Agriculture Road.

As such, the motorcyclist swerved South to avoid a collision with motor car PHH 3116 and in so doing he collided head on with Motor Cycle (# CG 9857).

As a result of the collision both motorcyclists fell to the roadway and received injuries to their heads and about their bodies . They were picked up by public spirited citizens, each in an unconscious condition, and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they are both said to be in serious conditions.

The driver of motor car (PHH 3116) reportedly fled the accident scene but the cops managed to locate and arrest him some two hours after. He is presently in custody of the police pending investigations.


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