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Two suspects in custody over Linden double murder

Two persons are in custody for the Saturday morning home invasion in Linden, which claimed the lives of two persons and injured another. 

Dead is 87-year-old Johnson Bowen and 58-year-old Emanuel Dos Santos, both of Block 22, Wismar Linden. Another relative, Denzil Roberts, was injured during the invasion.  

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said the incident occurred at about 04:20h by three unidentifiable masked males, two armed with firearms and one with a cutlass.

Dos Santos’ wife, Vashti Bowen, told detectives that she was asleep with her husband in the northeastern bedroom while her father, Johnson, was in the southwestern bedroom with her 20-year-old son.

Vashtie claimed she was awoken by a noise in her living room. She exited the bedroom and entered the living room, where she observed the three suspects pulling her father from his bedroom. 

She told the suspects that her father did not hear well. At the time, she saw her nephew, a  gold miner who lived next door, push the door open, enter the house, and hold on to one of the suspects from behind, choking him. 

Her husband and son began lashing the other suspect with a mop stick, and the two suspects began discharging their firearms indiscriminately.

Dos Santos followed the suspects who shot at him, and he fell in front of the door. The suspects then made good their escape on foot. 

Johnson was observed lying on the floor of the house with gunshot wounds. Roberts was shot in the face, the left side chest and lower back.

The crime scene rank examined the body of Johnson, and what appeared to be a laceration was observed to the back of his head,  left arm pit, and left upper hand. 

What appeared to be gunshot injuries were observed at the centre of his back,  upper right side back, lower right side back, left side chest and upper left arm. 

Dos Santos’s body was lying motionless in an unfinished concrete structure attached to the back of the house on his stomach.

His body was examined, and what appeared to be a laceration was observed on his head. Suspected gunshot injuries were observed to the back of his neck, lower back left thigh, and two wounds on his left knee. 

The scene was processed and photographed, and four .32 spent shells, seven 9mm spent shells, a warhead, and three fragments were discovered in and around the house. 

The two bodies were escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex, where they were pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor on duty. Two suspects are in custody as the Investigations continue.



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