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“Two women have been taken into custody concerning the murder of a Kaneville businessman.”

On Monday night, two unknown women approached Kaneville, Grove businessman Shimron Adams, 41, while he was closing up his establishment, Shem’s Drink Depot, on D’Urban and Chapel Streets in Lodge. According to Adams’s aunt, Maylene Simon, two armed men on a motorcycle arrived and confronted Adams, forcing him against a wall. Simon said she was unsure if this happened inside or outside the establishment.

The assailants shot Adams in the abdomen, and he fell to the ground. The two women then helped the male attackers by taking Adams’s bag, which contained his documents and the day’s sales, along with his gold jewelry, car keys, and a small amount of cash he had on him. The women also tried to take Adams’s car but were unsuccessful. A police car patrolling the area heard the gunshots and arrived at the scene, but the suspects had already fled. Adams was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The two women are currently in police custody, assisting with the investigation.

The police report states that the shooting occurred at around 11:40 pm and that the two attackers wore surgical masks, with one armed with a handgun. Adams owned a wholesale and retail business selling alcoholic beverages on the bottom floor of a three-story building on D’Urban and Chapel Streets. The suspects were captured on CCTV entering and leaving the business on a black and white motorcycle and were last seen escaping on Chapel Street, Princes Street, and St Stephen’s Street in Charlestown. His wife and 7-year-old son survive Shimron Adams.



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