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Ukraine Crisis | Jamaicans in Russia being urged to seriously consider leaving

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is encouraging Jamaicans in Russia to seriously consider making arrangements to leave arising from the growing impact of sanctions on that country in response to its invasion of Ukraine.
The Ministry on Sunday issued an appeal to nationals in Russia to take precautionary measures for their safety and leave where necessary.
Since then, it said that there are now real indications that nationals in Russia and surrounding Eastern European countries will be severely impacted as a consequence of the crisis in Ukraine.

Foreign affairs minister Kamina Johnson Smith said that there are some 18 students at universities in Russia.
“We are aware that some students are already making plans to leave and we encourage others to do the same,” she noted.

“The fact is that with the announcement by several countries of the imposition of restrictions on flights entering their countries from Russia, alternative routes out of that country will have to be explored. Students and their families should try to be proactive as this may become more difficult as more sanctions are applied, and as they tighten,” Johnson Smith added

She is reminding Jamaicans in surrounding countries in Eastern Europe to explore opportunities for safe passage to alternative locations and to establish relationships with family or friends who may be of assistance, as necessary, including with securing resources and ensuring their safety



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