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UK’s State Minister dubs Guyana a “world model” for preserving nature

Guyana is recognised globally for its efforts to preserve its pristine forest and natural resources, as the country has one of the lowest deforestation rates. With over 87 per cent forest cover, Guyana boasts one of the best forest management systems in the world. 

The United Kingdom’s Minister of State with responsibility for Overseas Territories, the Commonwealth, Energy, Climate and Environment, Zac Goldsmith, has described these efforts as a world model to countries.

Minister Goldsmith made these remarks while on a two-day visit to communities in Region Nine (Upper Takutu – Upper Essequibo), accompanied by Natural Resources Minister Vickram Bharrat and British High Commissioner to Guyana, Jane Miller.

“You have provided an example for the world; you’ve also provided a gift for the world because you have given us something on which we can build,” the UK Minister disclosed.

He explained to residents that human beings must repair the abusive relationship with its natural resources to address the issue of climate change. 

“If we’re going to solve the issue of climate change, yes, we need technology, we need clean energy, we need clean transport, we need all those things, but we can never solve climate change if we don’t repair our relationship with the natural world.

“That is why what you here in this community, but also people in Guyana generally […], is why what you’re doing is so important. You are world leaders; you’ve protected your nature in the way that most countries, including my own country, have not,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, the senior UK government official said opportunities are being sought in Guyana to strengthen further the relationship between the developing nation and the United Kingdom. 

He added, “But particularly to see how we can both support you in your efforts to protect nature but also how we can learn from you and help neighbouring countries and take some of these lessons to my own country as well.”

[Story extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information] 



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