Unidentified woman dead after car slams into her on ECD road


An unidentified female is now the country’s latest road fatality after being struck by a motor car (PKK 9991) at the Chateau Margot village, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Although details are currently sketchy, the HGP Nightly News was told that the fatal accident took place shortly after 18:00h this evening.

Reports are that the now dead woman had been attempting to cross the public road when a motorcyclist allegedly signalled to thw car driver that he could proceed.

However, the driver reportedly was unaware that the woman was still on the roadway and in the process of crossing when he slammed into her.

Investigations into the matter are currently ongoing and the cops are trying to ascertain the woman’s identity.

Meanwhile, the driver of the motorcar (PKK 9991) is in police custody.


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