Unlicensed firearms, matching ammunition found at New Amsterdam Woman’s House


A raid in the home of a 47-year-old self-employed woman of Queenstown, New Amsterdam Berbice, unearthed arms and ammunition.

According to police, around 18:15hrs on Monday evening, acting upon information received, they searched the woman’s home for narcotics/drugs, arms and ammunition, stolen articles and wanted persons.

The Police team conducted a search of the house and found a silver and black .32 Pistol bearing serial number S205619 with a magazine and seven live .32 ammunition, on a bed frame under a mattress in one of the rooms.

At the time of the raid, two males of mixed race, both aged 30 years — one is a Welder from West Canefield, East Canje Berbice; and the other a Farmer from Adelphi Village, East Canje Berbice were present.

The police took possession of the suspected firearm and ammunition, an immediately told the woman and two men of the offence committed which is Possession of Firearm and Ammunition Without Licence. They where then cautioned and they all denied.

A further search was conducted in another bedroom in the presence of the suspects, where a black 32 pistol bearing serial number DAA209536 with three matching rounds of ammunition at the side of a wooden vanity, were found.

The Police took possession of the second suspected firearm and ammunition, and the trio were again told of the offence committed which is Possession of Firearm and Ammuntion Without Licence.

They were all cautioned and again they denied.

The woman and two men were all arrested and escorted to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam along with the suspected firearms and ammunition. At the Station, the suspected firearms and ammunition were photographed, dusted, marked, sealed, and lodged.

The three suspects are all presently in custody at the Central Police Station, as investigations continue.


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