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UPDATE: Sledgehammer, crowbar found near burnt remains at Parika – Police  

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Wednesday said that a sledgehammer and a crowbar were found next to the burnt remains suspected to be that of 29-year-old Shannen Obermullah-Mohamed.

According to the Police, at about 22:10 h on Tuesday, they were alerted of a burnt body at Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) by an anonymous caller.

As a result, Police ranks proceeded to the location, where on arrival at about 22:30 h, they observed what appeared to be a burnt skull and torso lying among debris at the front of an incomplete, flat concrete structure.

“The scene and environs were canvassed, and a sledgehammer and crowbar were found near the burnt remains,” Police said.

Several persons in the area were questioned, and Police received information from a neighbour that around 10:00 h, she observed a man known to her as “Rodwell” burning wood and other materials in the yard. She said she paid him no mind. 

At the same time, crime sleuths were informed that at around 09:00h on Tuesday, Obermullah-Mohamed went to check the progress on her house, which Rodwell is building.

During the day, family members tried contacting the 29-year-old woman but calls to her phone went unanswered, and her whereabouts were unknown.

Last night, family members decided to venture to the house under construction and observed a fire.

They also saw Rodwell walking away, heading towards the yard’s end and disappearing.

The family members used buckets of water from a nearby pipe to extinguish the fire. After this, they observed what appeared to be a human skull among the debris.

It was also brought to the attention of the ranks that Rodwell is mentally unstable and is known to Obermullah-Mohamed’s family.

Despite his mental condition, the family said he does quality construction for them, and his fees are reasonable.

The charred remains of the body were later escorted to Ezekiel Funeral Home, awaiting DNA testing to determine identity.

No arrest was made, but Police noted that further investigations are underway.



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