US Citizen Fakes Kidnapping, CID arrests several persons


After a 1-million-dollar reward was offered by the family of 29-year-old Rohan Kirpaul Mangra, who reportedly went missing on the 15th of March, crime sleuths were able to find the “kidnapped” man in a city hotel- alive, safe and well.
On Sunday, acting on information, the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) found 29-year-old Rohan Kirpaul Mangra in a hotel on Hadfield Street. He told that he was not abducted and he went to the hotel of his own free will.
According to investigators, relatives made a report to the police, on March 17, 2022 stating that he heft home two nights prior and had not returned. On Sunday relatives provided the police with a photograph of Mangra showing his mouth covered with duct tape which they say was sent to them via WhatsApp from an unknown person.
Immediately, ranks from the Major Crimes Unit, Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters were assigned to the investigation and several of Mangra’s associates were arrested and questioned by the ranks.
Mangra is currently assisting the police with their investigation. The probe is ongoing.


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