Various training programmes slated for Labour Ministry as part of ‘revamping” initiative


An aggressive approach is being taken by the administration to ensure that there is capacity building at the Labour Ministry which will in turn result in a ‘resilient’ work force.

This is according to the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, who recently announced that the revamping of his Ministry will be executed through various training sessions and programmes that will equip staff with the necessary skills aimed at ensuring efficiency at the Labour Ministry.

“Part of the training programme will be for staff upgrading, training staff at the Labour Department and at the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Department, and the Co-ops Department,” Minister Hamilton recently told the media.

According to the Government, at present, while the various departments are not fully staffed, training programmes have commenced for new Labour Officers and OSH Officers.

Staff will also be exposed to and trained in foreign languages such as Spanish and Portuguese so as to be better prepared in communicating with foreign workers in the country.

Meanwhile, the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) is also slated to be revamped and a plan outlined will see the expansion of the training institution across all administrative regions.

“We plan to increase the number of programmes under the Board of Industrial Training and have already had consultations with other training institutions – the Critchlow Labour College and the Kuru Kuru College – to see how we can collaborate with some of the programmes to be done,” the Ministry further stated.


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