Guyana protests acts of aggression by Venezuela. Venezuelan Navy sought to land a helicopter on ExxonMobil Vessel. More in this report from Handell Duncan.

Hours after the confidence vote in the National Assembly on December 21, the Venezuelan Navy intercepted a vessel conducting exploratory seismic work on behalf of ExxonMobil within the Stabroek Block the following day. Minutes after that incident, a reckless attempt was made to land a helicopter on the deck of another vessel. This is according to Minister of Foreign Affairs – Carl Greenidge who was brief by the company following the incidents.

Prior to the occurrences, the Foreign Affairs Minister said that the world and its mariners including Venezuelans had been alerted to the intended commencement of seismic work on Guyana’s EEZ.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Guyana has since sent a formal protest to the Government of Venezuela, conveying its rejection of the hostile and unlawful act of the Venezuela military in Guyana’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

The following day, the Government of Venezuela issued a communique claiming that the incident took place in Venezuela’s waters even though the coordinates were the same.


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