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Venezuelan miner injured following collision with GDF boat at Eteringbang

A 35-year-old miner of San Martin, Venezuela, received injuries on his body on Friday after the vessel he was navigating collided with a Guyana Defense Force (GDF) boat. 

HGP Nightly News understands that the boat mishap occurred at about 9:30h near Eteringbang Landing.

Reports are that the GDF boat, captained by a Corporal and powered by a 200 Horse Power Yamaha outboard engine with two other ranks, went to Eteringbang Landing to purchase groceries. 

While in the vicinity of the Eteringbang Landing, heading back to the ‘Solider base,’ the GDF boat collided with another, which was captained by Vergil Brown, a 35-year-old miner of San Martin, Venezuela.

At the time, Brown was carrying two passengers in the vessel, which was powered by a 40 HP Yamaha outboard engine. 

As a result of the collision, Brown’s boat sustained substantial damage and sank. He and the passengers were taken to shore.

Brown, who was the only person to receive injuries, was taken to Eteringbang Medical Center and later to a medical facility in Venezuela. Investigations are in progress.



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