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WANSat to launch fast, affordable satellite broadband internet in Guyana 

WANSat Networks Inc., a Guyanese Internet Service Provider, announced on Sunday that it had signed an agreement with Viasat to distribute its satellite broadband services in Guyana. 

In a press release, the company said Viasat is a global leader in satellite communications. It leverages its satellite network to power high-quality, secure, affordable, fast connections and help close the global digital gap. 

The distribution agreement, according to WANSat, will leverage satellite broadband capacity from the ViaSat-3 satellite platform once it is launched and operational. 

According to Viasat’s Q3 FY23 earnings call, the company anticipates the launch of the ViaSat-3 for Americas satellite by April 8.

WANSat will market, install, and provide on-site service to broadband customers in Guyana as a licensed Internet Service Provider, collaborating with local partners. 

The agreement with WANSat gives Viasat a strategic local partner and channel to meet the growing connectivity needs of a nation with the fastest-growing economy in the world. 

WANSat’s goal is to enable Guyana to reach 100 per cent internet penetration by 2025, leveraging satellite to extend internet coverage beyond the extremities of current wireless and wireline providers.

Commenting on the agreement, Kevin Cohen, Head of Fixed Broadband, Latin America, & Global Prepaid Internet, said that his collaboration will allow Viasat to offer high-quality satellite broadband connectivity across Guyana, including hard-to-reach regions. 

“Our ability to connect unconnected communities helps create new opportunities for the people of Guyana, including access to online services such as telemedicine, distance learning, business-critical tools, entertainment, and e-government services. The upcoming launch of the ViaSat-3 for the Americas satellite will continue to fuel our mission to bring connectivity where it is needed most and help close the global digital gap.”

Andre Jones, Managing Director of WANSat, noted that the company is excited to bring the latest satellite technology to the Guyanese public. 

“Leveraging Viasat’s advanced satellite technology and our expertise in satellite communications will enable us to provide cutting-edge solutions for the government of Guyana, enterprise customers, and residential customers in the remotest regions of the country. There are still tens of thousands of people in Guyana without any access to the internet or access to a high-quality, reliable broadband internet connection—we’re going to change that.”



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