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Washbay owner robbed of cash, cellular phone at gunpoint

A female washbay proprietor was robbed of her cellular phone and cash at gunpoint while she was alone at her business last night.

The 36-year-old woman was sitting on a bench underneath a shed when approached by a lone gunman at “Stone Wall Wash Bay” located in Prosville Squatting Area, Wismar, Linden, around 20:00h Saturday.

Reports are that the suspect, who was clad in a dark coloured pants and had a black bandana tied around his head, walked up to the female and pointed the weapon to her face.

He then demanded that she hand over cash tp him.

However, the perpetrator did not wait for her response; he quickly pushed his hand into the pocket of the woman’s pants and took the cash that she had.

According to the woman, she had $65,000 in her pocket, which the suspect stole.

The bandit then snatched her cellular phone which had been on a table at that time.

HGP Nightly News was told that the suspect made good his escape on foot into the Wisroc area with his loot.

According to a police report, the woman’s cellular phone, a Samsung S10 Plus, cost $210,000.

Investigations into the matter are currently ongoing.



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