Waters recede, relief provided to Berbice flood-hit homes


–losses severe, assessment team putting report together- Agri. Minister

Newly-appointed Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha, with a proactive approach, has already begun to aid his fellow Berbicians who suffered severe flooding and heavy losses over the past few days.

Minister Mustapha today pointed out that agriculture is still a major backbone of the country and only a proactive approach by relevant authorities can ensure its survival in the years to come. He explained that within 24 hours of observing reports in the media about mass flooding in Corentyne, Berbice, he was able to provide some relief to those affected.

”  I saw in the press that people were suffering and that people were under water, so I decided yesterday to go up and that is within the 52-74 area. 52-74 is a NDC that encompass 24 villages. When I went there people were complaining that the drains and canals were blocked and clogged, they were requesting D&I machines and not getting the machines to go in the areas.”

The Agriculture Minister pointed out that after witnessing firsthand the devastating effects which the water accumulation had on residences and yards, he instructed the Drainage and Irrigation Department to dispatch four machines in the flood-hit areas. Within hours the waters began to recede and the next step is to determine how those affected can be assisted.

” People suffered losses in terms of poultry and crops. I was able to get officers to now do a report which I want to bring to our level here to see how we can help them. People suffered losses and they were very thankful.”

Three nights ago, a number of homes located between Number 55 village and Number 59 village were flooded in light of the accumulation of water during Friday night’s rainfall and families were struggling to battle with the situation.


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