Welder awoken from sleep, beaten and robbed by masked gunmen


A 25-year-old welder is now nursing wounds to his head after being assaulted by three masked gunmen who broke into his home in the wee hours of Thursday morning and robbed him of several items.

Around 01:25h, Ameer Ally was asleep in his bed, when the bandits woke him and demanded that he hand over cash and valuables.

According to a police source, the masked trio gained entry into the welder’s house located in Grove Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara (EBD), by removing the louvre panes at a window.

Reports are that Ally did not have cash inside of his home, and one gunman used his weapon to deal a few blows to his head, while his two accomplices ransacked the house.

They discovered a laptop valued at $80,000, a cellular phone worth $20,000 and a gold band valued at $36,000 in the young man’s bedroom.

In addition, the armed men relieved Ally of a silver ring worth $4,000 along with a chain valued at $15,000.

Neighbours who became aware of the armed robbery while it was ongoing contacted the police for assistance and cops that were on patrol duties on the main roadway promptly responded to the crime scene.


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