Welder in Custody as Police Investigates Alleged Assault of Male Sex Worker


Regional Division #4C police are investigating an alleged shooting incident reported by a 25-year-old male (who identifies as a sex worker) of Herstelling East Bank Demerara. The assault was reportedly committed by a 34-year-old welder who is presently in custody assisting with investigations.

According to the police, the incident occurred on Tuesday 12th April 2022 about 18:00 hours when sex worker, who was heading to a nearby shop was taunted by the shooter. The sex worker claimed that the man hurled a derogatory remark at him and told him to get out of the street. The complainant claimed that he gesticulated his arm showing the suspect “to get”.

The welder then in turn ran out of his yard with a silver-coloured object suspected to be a firearm. The sex worker then took out his cellphone and began to video the suspect as he threatened and assaulted him. During that time a loud explosion was heard which was suspected to be a gun shot.

The victim got away unharmed and went to Providence Police Station where he reported the matter. Police made contact with the suspect and arrested him, a search was carried out on his person and home but the suspected firearm was not found.

It was observed that the suspect had two scratches about his neck and left side jaw which he claimed were inflicted by the complainant. He was taken for medical treatment to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he was seen and examined by a doctor and sent away in the custody of the police assisting with the investigation.


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