Whopping$353.8B National Budget passed in Parliament


A whopping $353.8 Billion National Budget was passed in Guyana’s Parliament on Thursday (yesterday) following the approval of the approval of the Appropriations Bill 2021 (Bill No. 4 of 2021) and five 95) days of debates along with three (3) days of Committee of Supply meetings.

According to Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, much work had been put into the crafting of this year’s Budget with major contribution from large sections of society as well as ‘tremendous work’ by the staff of the Ministry of Finance as well as the Cabinet.

He stated that stakeholders following consultations with Government and their perusal of the Budget, had stated publicly that the 2021 Budget included a wide range of initiatives intended to move forward the development agenda in Guyana, and that it was expected to benefit all sections of the country.

This Budget, which to date is the largest in the country’s history was passed despite challenging situations which arose during the Parliamentary sittings between Wednesday and Thursday (yesterday).

Subsequent to the passage of the Bill, six APNU/AFC Opposition members were suspended for the remainder of the Sitting during the afternoon period and during the morning period of the Sitting, the the Speaker had suspended the session following disruption by the main Opposition members as they banged desks noisily stating that the House needed to have one of its Parliamentarians, Kwame McCoy of the Government’s side, removed from Parliament for what they alleged to be assault on Opposition Member, the Honourable Tabitha-Sarabo Halley the previous day.


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