– Fails to provide details on the shooting.



A woman is currently a patient of the GPHC nursing a gunshot wound to the stomach. The victim who has been identified as Marissa Jabbar, is said to be in a stable condition at the health institution, but investigators are puzzled as to what really caused the woman to be shot. Jabbar of lot 88 Freeman Street, East La Penitence, is reluctant to provide much detail on the shooting but eyewitnesses are very suspicious of the entire incident.

Neighbours are providing a different version of what transpired, but they are saying it is no burglary as is being claimed by Jabbar and a close associate who was with her at the time of the shooting. They are of the assumption that this very close associate is responsible for pulling the trigger. Neighbours reported not hearing any noise until Marissa ran out of her home, clutching her stomach. The male associate ran out after and took her to the hospital.

Reports are there were sounds of an argument emanating from the property moments before the 25 year old was shot. The associate allegedly returned from the hospital with the police and he was overheard telling them that two masked men attempted to rob them. He said after they failed to comply with the demands of the bandits, Jabbar was shot by one of them. What makes neighbours even more suspicious is the fact that the man has not been seen since the incident. The Police are continuing their investigations into the shooting to see if common ground will be found.


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