Woman shot to abdomen, robbed of cash, phone by motorcycle bandits


A 51-year-old was shot and robbed of her cellular phone and handbag containing $70,000 in cash by two (2) motorcycle bandits, one of whom was armed with a gun, at the intersection of Bourda Street and North Road, Georgetown.

The armed robbery took place around 10:45h on Saturday (yesterday) while the woman was shopping at a stall at the Bourda Market.

Sheriza Gourga Regis of told the cops that the duo arrived from the East on North Road on a red and white “XR motorcycle”. The pillion rider jumped off the motorbike, approached her, and then demanded that she give him her bag which was across her left shoulder at that time.

According to the woman, she refused to do this, and the suspect then snatched her handbag while discharging a round in her direction. The bullet struck the woman to the left side of her abdomen as the bandit fled the scene and jumped on the waiting XR motorcycle.

The two (2) perpetrators then quickly made good their escape with the loot while Regis was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), in a conscious state, for emergency medical attention.

She is currently hospitalized and receiving treatment for her injury as investigations continue.


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