Young cyclist hospitalised after colliding with Motor pickup


A teenaged cyclist is now a patient of the New Amsterdam Hospital after being involved in an accident with a motor pick up on the Kortberaad Public Road ,East Bank Berbice.

Police related that just around 16:00hrs on Wednesday afternoon Motor pickup DFB #1601 driven by 42 year-old Steve Semple of New Amsterdam, Berbice collided with the cyclist who is under the age of 16.

Reports are that the  Motor Pick up was proceeding east along the northern drive lane at an alleged speed of about 40 Kmph when the driver claimed that the cyclist who was proceeding in the same direction on the opposite side of the road  suddenly rode across the said road into the path of motor pickup

As a result of the collision ,the cyclist fell onto the road surface where he sustained injuries about his body.

He was picked up in a conscious state by public spirited citizens and taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.
His condition is regarded as stable.

A breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver which read zero.

 investigations are ongoing.


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