The 16-year-old student accused of brutally assaulting a teacher in Number 8 Village Berbice tells a totally different story to the one the victim told the media. This is not the first engagement between the two. Here are the details in the report from Javone Vickerie.

Police say that the injured woman, Ms. Gangadin Sebarat-Isaacs, the acting Head Teacher of the Number Five Primary School, was reportedly heading home with her children when she was reportedly attacked by the 16 year-old student of Number 8 Secondary School. Sebarat-Isaacs told the media that on the day of the incident, she had cautioned him about the way he was walking on the pavement. She had related that the teenager had walked into the path of her son and then pushed her down to the ground. She claimed that the youth dealt her several blows to the face and head after she spat in his face for attempting to kiss her. The head teacher said she made a report to the police and the youth was arrested. With permission from his mother, who was present in studio at the time of the interview, Nightly News sat down with the youth who told his side of the story. Because he is considered a juvenile by law, his identity will be withheld.

The student stated that after the head teacher assaulted him, the two ended up in a heated argument which caught the attention of his mother who took him to the police station to make a report against the teacher.

This is however not the first engagement between Sebarat-Isaacs and the youth. Police confirmed that two years ago in the same district, a report was made against the head teacher who allegedly threatened to kill the youth. No legal action was taken; thus Sebarat-Isaacs was warned and sent away by the police.

Since the incident, the student and his mother were taken by the welfare department of the ministry of education. The youth was advised by the department to stay clear of the head teacher until an investigation into the matter has concluded.


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