Youths charged for disorderly behaviour and with possession of cannabis


Police have arrested several persons on the West Bank Demerara after damaging a patrol vehicle, assaulting a peace officer, and also possession of cannabis. Police say Motor vehicle PWW 5451 while on patrol duty with four ranks in Samaroo Dam Pourdroyen West Bank Demerara on Tuesday night observed two males and a female standing next to a fence on the southern side of the street where one black bag was thrown over the fence by one of the males as he began to walk.

Police intercepted him and upon retrieving the black bag, discovered it contained several small ziplock plastic bags with a number of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be Cannabis Sativa.

A further search on the 20-year-old unearthed another ziplock plastic bag with a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems also suspected to be Cannabis Sativa. He was then told of the allegation to which he remained silent.

The female who claims to be the sister of the suspect began behaving in a disorderly manner as she tried to free him from the police.

Her actions drew a large crowd as she and some members of the crowd began assaulting the police; as she tried to free the suspect.

The police were able to arrest the suspect and placed him in the vehicle.

Whilst the vehicle was moving; the female jumped into the tray of the vehicle and said she was going with her brother where she began stripping her clothes off and behaving in a disorderly manner claiming that the police were stripping her.

As the vehicle proceeded out of the street, it was observed that the road was blocked with a lamp post and an old refrigerator among other items placed across the roadway.

During that time, several bricks and bottles were hurtled from different directions hitting the vehicle’s front windscreen resulting in some being damaged.

Persons then began running towards the vehicle which was stationary at this time.

A police rank discharged around in the air which resulted in the crowd disbursing

Backup was immediately summoned and arrived shortly after and joined the other ranks in clearing the road of the obstacles.

The injured constable was escorted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and treated and sent away.

Another male who refused to provide his name and other particulars to the police but who was seen within the crowd assaulting a constable was arrested for assaulting a Peace Officer and disorderly behaviour.

They were all escorted to the Vreed-en-Hoop Station where they were placed into custody.

At the station, the female was arrested for Disorderly Behaviour and Assaulting Peace Officer.


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