Youths are springing into action to claim their rights from the nation’s political leaders. Yaniss Abrams attended the first in a series of Youth Fora at the Theatre Guild in Georgetown last Saturday.

Yaniss Abrams Reports….

Youths want their voices to be heard. They want their ideas to get attention from political leaders; and in light of the precarious political situation in the country, they have begun organizing to get just what they want. One organizer, Dennis Glasgow, said their aim is to foster a new era of civic and political engagement among the youths in Guyana since they are edgy about the current political climate and they want to ensure that the interests of young people are best represented.

The well-attended forum at the Theatre Guild attracted members of the youth arm of various political parties, and other persons including Directors of Youth and Sport; Melissa Carmichael, Christopher Jones and also Professor Paloma Mohammed. One Youth, Clinton Duncan, expressed the cravings of most youths.

Another Youngster added that as Youths, self-motivation is needed for Youths to strive. The bottom line is that youths feel powerless and they want that situation changed in the near future.


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