Expert: Maduro’s support for invasion of Ukraine a regional concern


An international and public affairs expert says the recent pledge of support by Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a regional concern.

A statement from the Kremlin on Tuesday claimed Maduro backed Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin via a telephone conversation.

The move by neighbouring Venezuela comes as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered its seventh day yesterday.

Heavy attacks on cities have resulted in climbing civilian casualties and the evacuation of over six hundred thousand people.

Maduro also lashed out at destabilising actions by the US and NATO and raised concerns with what he described as a western campaign of lies and disinformation.

However, Dr Patsy Lewis, Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Brown University, advised regional leaders to not only be on alert but also strategic in how they respond to the recent development.

In an interview with Guardian Media on Wednesday Lewis said, “The Caribbean has to be very careful how it relates to the big powers, we cannot give the United States any reason to be more interventionist in the region and to use geopolitical lens for their relationship with the Caribbean.”

On Tuesday, T&T permanent representative to the United Nations Ambassador Dennis Francis condemned Russia’s aggression towards the Ukraine, saying the conflict could have serious consequences on smaller states.

Meanwhile, Lewis explained why she believed the Venezuelan leader may have shot himself in the leg by holding discussions with Putin.

“I think its a mistake it’s a very short-sighted act on Maduro’s behalf, In 1979, the Grenada revolutionary government voted in favour of the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan and that sealed its fate in terms of the US’ hostility towards the revolution.

Guardian Media reached out to Foreign and Caricom affairs minister Dr Amery Browne for a response on Government’s position on the latest development.

Browne, who is in Belize for the Caricom Heads of Government meeting, said the matter involving Venezuela’s backing of Russia was one that had engaged the attention of leaders.

(By Guardian Media Newsroom)


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