AFC on Charandass’s recall- “President Ali knew a long time ago”


Please see full press release:

The President of Guyana wants to give the impression that he was unaware of Charandass’s rotten conduct on August 1, 2021 in India prior to October 25, 2022; and also he wants to appear that he was unaware that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had “closed” the matter on the 25th October 2022, he being at the Airport at Timehri.
Though the AFC would like to give His Excellency the benefit of the doubt, there are compelling and cogent circumstances evidencing otherwise that he knew of Charandass’s reprehensible conduct since September 2021, a month after the incident, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested a full report on the matter from the High Commission’s Office in Delhi, India. That report included the statement of Ms. Sonya Ghosh with the attached video taken by her driver, which has now gone viral.
President Ally wants to take kudos for acting swiftly and properly upon seeing the video only recently. How farcical!
The AFC asserts that His Excellency only acted after the public outrage was vented upon the release of the video on social media; and, additionally, when massive condemnation was supported by calls for Charandass recall by parties, press and the public.
If this matter did not reach the public as a result of that video going viral, it would have been another cover- up, notwithstanding it being brought to the attention since last year September to the Ministry and the Presidency. It would have died just like the Redford Report and the RSS Report among others of recent vintage.
The fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sought to de-escalate and dismiss that violent abuse of an Indian woman caring for animals by its missive of 25th October 2022, when it cavalierly concluded that “this matter is closed,” is shameless. And to determine so by utilising a reasoning that the incident happened over a year ago and that the “allegations… were not substantiated” is more despicable. This alone is reason enough to recall Minister Todd. But Minister Todd will not be removed because if that happens the beans will be spilled concerning how the President knew of the video and Ms Ghosh’s statement since September last year; and, also how the Ministry’s statement of 25th October 2022 did pass the President’s desk before its release.
The AFC condemns the hypocrisy from the President and his Minister and the attempt to hold on to a character without any reputation, and one who certainly never merited such high office as High Commissioner to India


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