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After 20 Years, 84,Bare Root Residents Receive Land Titles

After more than twenty years of waiting, the first eight-four (84) families of Former Parcel 914, Bachelor’s Adventure (Bare Root), East Coast Demerara are now in possession of the legal documentation for their lands.

The Certificates of Title were handed over by the Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues. She stated that the ownership documents will bring empowerment to the beneficiaries, as it provides a sense of protection and can also be used at financial institutions to help persons enhance their homes or even launch a small business.

“We want to ensure that we uplift all the citizens in our country and […] that all the services we deliver to you touch your lives in a real way,” said the Minister.

The area, which was regularised, is divided into 312 lots. A survey was completed by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GLSC) in 2004, however, due to omissions of parcel numbers, bearings and incorrect acreages, resurveys were done in 2009 and 2017. In June 2022, a final survey was completed to rectify discrepancies and former Parcel 914 was verified by CHPA. Although some lot numbers remain the same, the acreage and lot numbers of others have changed.

Minister Rodrigues has further committed to delivering the remaining land ownership documents. She, therefore, urged the cooperation of residents to make the process a success



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