Be careful of places you visit during holiday season – Health Minister warns


Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony is urging persons to ensure they keep themselves in environments that are observing all protocols to avoid contracting the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

During his daily update on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony said one way to make certain the environment is safe is by ensuring that all rules are being followed.
What we need to be concerned about is that persons who go to bars, and especially those bars that are not adhering to the regulations, meaning they are not checking people at the door and see whether they are vaccinated or not, which would then mean, if they are not checking, there would be people who are there who are probably unvaccinated, who would be at a higher risk for transmitting Covid 19.”

He said not adhering to protocols will expose persons to the virus. Being in places that do not check for vaccination status is also risky.

“When you are in a bar, generally you can go there for a drink, I don’t think people would be wearing on their mask in close proximity, so the chances of spread is much greater in indoor environments and environments like bars and restaurants, so we have to be extremely careful, about the places that we visit during the holiday season, the duration of time that we spend in these places and a big warning sign, should be if you go to a restaurant or you go bar and they are not checking for vaccination status.”
Meanwhile, Dr. Frank Anthony noted that there are some myths regarding alcohol and Covid-19 that need to be addressed.

“The way that the virus would affect people generally, is when you breathe the virus in, so if you are not wearing a mask the virus will be transmitted through the air, into your nostrils and then into your respiratory system, if you are drinking obviously that is not where you put the drinks, you don’t put the drinks in your nose, so that’s not going to help,” Dr. Anthony said.

The minister emphasised that it is important to understand how the virus is transmitted and that is by inhaling air contaminated with the virus.


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